Welcome to Bar & Brood

De Vleeshalle - Kenzo De Bruyn - 16 May 2019

If good food is the heart of the market, then our bar is certainly its soul. After all, how can you appreciate a good meal if you don’t have the right drink to accompany it? For a good beer, a cocktail or mocktail, or the perfect wine with your meal, Bar & Brood is the go-to. If in doubt, ask the food vendors or the bar staff for their recommendations. You are sure to find something to your taste.

Little areas have been set aside throughout the market hall where you get the chance to enjoy all these tasty foods. Coming as a group? Perfect! Simply look around for what you fancy, and then all sit together around the table. Great for those with big appetites, lovers of exotic cuisines or anyone who never seems hungry, but likes to pick at their partner’s plate.

It may not have escaped your attention. Besides your drinks, Bar & Brood offers oven-fresh bread. In association with Broodnodig we’ve selected enough types of bread to keep everyone happy.