Making a reservation in De Vleeshalle

De Vleeshalle - Veronique Smolders - 12 June 2019

Making a reservation is certainly possible! Our Cornet Table and the Brugal- and Pemberton Lounge are ready to welcome you and your company, so you can be sure of a cozy place within walking distance of no less than 13 Taste Makers.

Our Brugal & Pemberton lounge can be found on the first floor. They can accommodate up to twenty people and also give you a wonderful view over De Vleeshalle. The rooms are furnished with cozy seats and the necessary greenery and they are conveniently accessible by stairs.

Our Cornet Table can accommodate up to 12 people and is the ideal setting for a quick lunch in the afternoon or an extensive dinner. Large enough to host you and large enough to put a lot of great food on the table.

The Cornet Table can be reserved from 12p.

Pemberton and Brugal lounge can be booked from 17p.

Would you like to make a reservation? Please contact us via the form or directly via