28/06 – 21/09: Summer events at De Vleeshalle


Thirty degrees or a heat storm, De Vleeshalle is the place to be. Workshops, performances, yoga sessions, brunches, children’s afternoons, PréPop and much more. The sunny patio is ready, the tastemakers have warmed up and the air conditioning shifts up a gear.

We kick off the summer on the 28 of June with a cocktail weekend and we say goodbye to the summer on the 21 of September.

Every Tuesday: Brugal sessions
Acoustic performances and tasteful mojitos at 7.5 euros.

Bi-weekly Wednesday: workshops
Every two weeks there are workshops by our tastemakers and ‘gangmakers’. They share (most of) their secrets.

Bi-weekly Wednesday: children’s workshop
Creative studio under the guidance of our Sfeermaker.

Every Thursday: PrePop
Festival dish at a fantastic price. Later on Parkpop is just around the corner.

Every Friday: foodpairing
Perfect blend between a dish of a Tastemaker and a drink of Bar & Brood, each at 20% discount.

Every Sunday: Acai yoga
Sunday morning yoga session and ending with an acai bowl and gingershot. Sessions are suitable for beginners and advanced Yoga practitioners. By Personal. and Urban Greens.

Super saturdays: events with a whole lotta attitude
13/07 Day for Her
27/07 Couples day
10/08 Singles day
24/08 Maanrock
07/09 Day for Him
21/09 Cocktail weekend

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