De Vleeshalle is in the heart of Mechelen. Accessible by train, bus, bike or by foot. By car too, but we’d rather you kept the centre free of traffic!

Car park

Coming by car anyway? Best to park in one of the neighbouring car parks:

  • Inno Mechelen car park
  • Grote Markt car park
  • Kathedraal car park
  • Centerparking
  • Veemarkt car park
  • Zandpoortvest car park (free at the weekend)
  • Douaneplein car park (also free, use the City of Mechelen Shopping Shuttle!)

Public transport

De Vleeshalle is a fifteen-minute walk from Mechelen station. And about 10 minutes from Nekkerspoel station.

Or take De Lijn to De Veemarkt, which is only a five-minute walk away!